Nirmal Sevak

Cabella Sahaj Volunteers!

Welcome to Nirmal Sevak!

Nirmal Sevak is an association that brings volunteers together to carry out tasks, which support the projects initiated by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in Cabella Ligure.

Nirmal Sevak is a non-profit association.

The blessings are the same now as they were then.
The need for volunteers is growing as the ongoing projects of the World Foundation are expanding like Sahaja Yoga itself. Among the many other projects, the Maintenance of the Castle, Shri Mataji’s home, which She gifted to all Sahaja Yogis, and the puja camp in Albera require ongoing maintenance and updating.
It is essential that these properties are kept at a level that reflects the awe and reverence we have for Our Mother and the respect and love we have for our visiting brothers and sisters.
Annually during the puja season, there is even more need for help in Cabella.
Cabella International Sahaj School based on the edge of the village requires volunteers each year to support the school activities for the children. This is a fun active environment with so much joy and opportunities to grow within. ‘Caution’ Volunteers should be prepared to have an amazing time.

This is a call to all those Sahaja yogis who would like to dedicate some of their time in honouring the great heritage that Our Mother generously left to us all, sharing and supporting the joyful efforts with many other devoted yogis.
To formalise the process for those who desire to express their devotion as a volunteer and to support the cooperation among all Sahaja Yogis, the Nirmal Sevak Association was created in 2015.

Sevak means service, Nirmal means pure.
The service with pure heart offered at the lotus feet of God.

To express this desire to be a volunteer in all Mother’s exciting projects, you only need to complete the form at:
Volunteer Visa and on arrival apply formally for membership of Nirmal Sevak association in Cabella, which is a simple step.

Look forward to seeing you in great numbers!