Cabella Experience

“Cabella is something, a very unique, divine place. The vibrations are very good and people are very good and the atmosphere is very pure. And the river is also so beautiful, that I mean it cleanses people very fast, just, just like the river Ganges.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – Vienna, October 25th 1991

Cabella Ligure is located in the picturesque valley of the Borbera River, its majestic mountains covered in greenery and rolling terraced fields. Shri Mataji chose to buy the 15th century Palazzo Doria that overlooks the village and commands views of the valley. She restored this almost ruined edifice into a glorious home for Herself, her family, and followers of Sahaja Yoga.

She also purchased land next to the bubbling waters of the Borbera River and erected a beautifully arched hangar surrounded by lawns and shady trees for gatherings, celebrations, and pujas. A villa in Centrassi with sweeping views to the south was purchased as accommodation for Sahaja Yogis. At Daglio there is a site for children’s summer camps perched on the top of the mountain range. The peaks covered in lush forests evoke the feeling that they were brought from the mighty Himalayas and dropped there by Hanuman himself.

All these properties, plus an International Sahaja school established in a building called Casaforme, Shri Mataji magnanimously gifted to Sahaja Yoga. She entrusted them to the ‘Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga World Foundation’ to preserve and maintain so every Sahaja yogi and indeed, every human being, can benefit from the countless blessings they bestow.

Shri Mataji visited all of these properties, Her divine vibrations consecrating each and every one. Indeed, with Her presence, She purposefully and permanently filled the whole valley with vibrations and made it a place of pilgrimage. The air sparkles with vibrations, the river cools and heals, the mountains stand like sages and nature is resplendent.

 It isn’t possible to visit Cabella and not feel the soothing quiet bliss and the peace that permeates all around. It is never just a visit to Cabella, it is a deeply touching experience.

Whether we make a short visit or enjoy a long stay, we are always aware that we are all part and parcel of the whole and contribute our vibrations to this living dynamic atmosphere, and are rewarded when we offer service to the collective organization.

Apart from the blessing of contributing, it is a way of showing appreciation for our Mother’s generosity and to reciprocate in a small way these gifts. Of course, we do not pay for a gift, but we can appreciate the love behind it. The more we are in awe of Her love and the more we respect Her Holiness Shri Mataji’s home, photos, altar, and belongings, and each of these sites the deeper and more spiritual the whole environment becomes. By being aware of our vibrations and participating in enhancing and beautifying the place that is the World Centre of our Sangha, we all add to the magic of this Cabella experience.